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Terrazzo Jewellery Collection

Scatter Jewellery

Terrazzo Jewellery Collection


This jewellery collection is designed to inspire creativity and playfulness.  Each piece is made from hand-poured pigment resin, and brings together industrial texture, irregular shapes and bright colours into fun and stylish jewellery.  All Scatter earrings are cut from a hand-drawn design, and made out of hand-poured pigmented resin, and brass.  Each piece is handmade in small batches, so colours and textures may vary slightly from photographs.

Scatter Jewellery is a jewellery brand, founded by Megan Gallally, in Frome, Somerset.  Meg draws upon her Fine art degree, with an emphasis on sculpture. The intention of Scatter Jewellery has always been, and will always be to make pieces that bring a sense of simplicity, joy and playfulness to the wearer. all pieces start from hand drawn shapes, often inspired by nature. Meg uses industrial materials, textures and patterns as a direct contrast to the accidental, naive, hand drawn shapes to create her pieces.


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